No, the pilot site is for information and guidance only. The design should be modular and can be replicated anywhere in the northern part of Nigeria

As noted above, there is no specific site or information so participants will need to make their own assumptions. A link to Google Earth is available on the website and allows participants to gain aerial views and do basic measurements.

No, participants can get general information including relevant dimensions from aerial views on Google Earth or Google Maps. The site map is for guidance and though it is from a community that needs rebuilding, it is not the only site.

The core material should be compressed earth bricks.

Each compressed earth brick is about 10cm x 15cm x 30cm

No because the design will be used in multiple locations, this will not be practical nor applicable.

No, but because the design will be used in multiple locations, allowance should be made for these amenities.

Indigenes and residents of these parts tend to live in single story family homes therefore, the design should take this into account and be done accordingly.

The design should be for a family of six (6)

Provide as much detail as possible so as to eliminate ambiguity. This includes clear identification of the size of the house, orientation and location of the footprint on the proposed lot etc.

The building codes of the Federal Republic of Nigeria are applicable.

Yes, you are eligible for the competition as long as you were a student when the competition opened

Yes, as long as your idea meets the criteria for assessment, it has the potential to win and therefore can be commercialised.

Absolutely, as long as it meets the following conditions:

    1. You did the design as part of an academic activity and NOT in a professional capacity such as: an internship, part-time job etc.
    2. You can provide evidence that it is your design by:
      1. Submitting copies of the design studio class brief and copies of that initial design

         ii. The copy of that initial design should include conceptual sketches/drawings and should have grades attached.

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